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Standard Drug, Troy, NC

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) refers to non-consumable equipment that aid patients as they recover from illness, or make them more comfortable and mobile during short or long term health problems.

Standard Drug carries a wide range of durable medical products that are for sale. Most products not in stock can be ordered and arrive overnight. This list includes, but is not limited to:

  • crutches
  • invalid walkers
  • portable commodes
  • shower seats
  • safety handles
  • braces
  • wheel chairs and wheel chair accessories
  • bath tub rail
  • cushion ring
  • bed pad
  • ultra grabbers
  • aqua shield
  • bed pan
  • male and female urinals
  • support pillows
  • grab bars
  • cervical traction set
  • tub chairs


Durable Medical for sale at Standard Drug.

ph:  (910) 572-2070
fax: (910) 572-1630



  • hormone replacement
  • specialty drugs
  • pet prescriptions
  • topical creams


$$Dollar Items$$

  • Shelves of items
  • only $1.00
  • Tons of savings!